I’ve been told not to talk about this…

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I’ve been told not to talk about this…
Hey, Josiah here.
I was shocked by a recent interview I saw with 
Robert F. Kennedy Jr. where he posed some of the biggest problems and questions that are NOT getting answered.
Check out what he said in a recent interview with Yahoo Finance… 
“Here’s what HHS (United States Department of Health and Human Services) says… 
If you were born prior to 1989, which is the year that the v@cc!ne schedule exploded, you have 12% of having a chronic disease…
If you were born after 1989, you have a 54% chance…
Nobody’s explaining why do all of our kids have diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis?
Why did autism drop from 1 in 10,000 in my generation to 1 in 34 in the v@cc!ne generation.
Why did food allergies suddenly appear in 1989?
All those 400 diseases that suddenly became epidemic after 1989, every one of them is listed as a side effect by the manufacturer of the v@cc!ne.”
For the remainder of the interview, the host had no valid points or even a solid argument to answer or combat those questions.
And I can’t blame the host for having no good arguments… 
If he’s trying to pull statistics or research from public databases (Google or any public information) good luck trying to find the REAL answers. 
Anywhere that has a different opinion that’s NOT in alignment with the current narrative gets hounded and taken down immediately.
This is NO joke and needs to be stopped.


Want some REAL answers? Some REAL information?




To Keeping You Healthy and Wealthy,


-Josiah The Intern

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