The Master Code of Biology... and the discovery of a PERIODIC UNVARIANT common to ALL HIV/SIV Genomes

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The Master Code of Biology... and the discovery of a PERIODIC UNVARIANT common to ALL HIV/SIV Genomes

Decyphering “the MASTER CODE ®” Structure and Discovery of a Periodic Invariant Unifying 160 HIV1/HIV2/ SIV Isolates Genomes

Jean-claude Perez* Retired interdisciplinary researcher (IBM), France Received: July 17, 2017; Published: July 19, 2017 *Corresponding author: Dr Jean-claude PEREZ, PhD Maths § Computer Science, 7 avenue de terre-rouge F33127 Martignas Bordeaux metropole 


Master Code

Starting from the fundamental basic level of Bio-Atoms atomic weights, we discovered a numeric code common to the 3 Genetics worlds: DNA, RNA and amino acids. Coding Genomics (DNA double strands) and “Virtual Proteomics”(corresponding amino acids translations of DNA), we obtain specific couples of curves called Master Code signatures; in all cases both curves are highly correlated, meanwhile, there are hierarchies between these Genomics/Proteomics coupling ratios: Analyzing and comparing Master Codes in Achaea’s, Bacteria’s, Viruses, and Eukaryotes reveals function (actives sites, SNPs locations etc), genomes integrity, differentiation and evolution new information [1-5]. We have data suggesting the Electrical nature of this Law. Specifically in the case of Human Genome, we prove triple quasi UNIFICATION between:

  • The 2 Genomics and virtual Proteomics bio-chemical materializations.
  • The 3 possible codons reading frames.
  • The 4 combinatorial possibilities readings directions of both DNA strands.

In fact, we demonstrate the evidence of a super UNIFIED information level including both Genomics and Proteomics worlds. We thus analyzed the 285 and the 66 millions base-pairs of human chromosomes 1 and 20 (more than 10% of the whole draft human genome). By analysing both chromosomes in independent units of 1Mbps, there are (285+66)x2x3x4 independent sequences which were studied (nearly 8.4 billion base-pairs). Then, there appears a master code structuring the complete draft human chromosomes 1 and 20 with an average Genomics/Proteomics coupling ratio of 97%. Then another level of reading reveals embedded long distance periodic structures throughout whole genomes [6-12]. These PERIODS, expressed in Codons numbers multiples, characterize globally specific Genomes: there are independent with classical nucleotides repeats. A possible meaning of this discovery could be related with DNA meta-structure at physical and spatial levels (DNA molecule on-rolling up). These discoveries constitutes a “shadedlanguage” called the “universal genomic code”. This fundamental discovery was first published in the book (4) then summarized by the main article (9), and was generalized to all genomes available today: archaeas, bacteria’s,viruses, worm, fly, Arabidopsis and the complete draft humangenome.

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